Covid 19

You can have a healthy, safe and comfortable holiday.

As the Grand Faik Hotel family, we are pleased to welcome you in our hotel. We are aware that the Covid-19 epidemic, which started in the world and in our country, affects all of us in many ways, especially psychologically. For this reason, we guarantee that we will work with the utmost care and attention to provide you with a safe, healthy and peaceful holiday experience during your stay in our hotel, in order to protect the health of our valued guests and our employees, and we share the additional and necessary measures we have taken with you below;

   » There are social distance markings and warnings in all areas.
   » In case of need, we can provide our guests with masks, gloves, bonnets, etc. protective equipment is provided.
   » Non-contact temperature measurements are made at hotel entrances.
   » There are hand disinfectants in the common areas and hygiene mats at the entrances and exits.
   » There are disinfectant dispensers in the general area WCs.
   » Pool controls and chlorine measurement follow-up are carried out periodically.
   » Your rooms are carefully cleaned and ventilated 24 hours before check-in.
   » Only experienced and conscious personnel who have received hygiene training will take care of your rooms.
   » All magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, etc. in the general use areas of our hotel. Images have been removed during the pandemic.
   » Our open buffet breakfast application has been abolished during the pandemic, and the mixed breakfast order has been started.
   » Our breakfast area has been prepared in accordance with the social distance rule.
   » Our children's playground will be closed during the pandemic period. However, our little guests can enjoy the holiday in our children's pool.
they can enjoy it.
   » Laundry operations are carried out in agreement with a laundry that complies with the criteria of the Ministry of Health.

- During check-in, please wait at the points specified within the framework of social distance rules or in our front garden.
- Mask use, non-contact temperature measurement, hygiene mat and hand sanitizer are mandatory at the entrance to the hotel.
- Towels will not be provided for the pool during the pandemic period, and we ask you to lay your own towel on the sunbed you use.
- Please do not change the places of tables and chairs unless necessary.
- Our mini-bars in the rooms have been cleaned, disinfected and left empty for you. In line with your food/beverage request, you can reach the "reception" from the phone number "0".
- Please during your stay in our hotel; Follow our "HYGIENE AND SOCIAL DISTANCE" rules.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a healthy and pleasant holiday.

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